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Close up photo of owner Lori Toll working on a custom framing project

Custom Picture Framing & Repair Services
are done in-house at our downtown Lewisburg shop

We specialize in custom framing keepsakes, drawings, art, family heirlooms, memorial portraits, and more.  Visit Sora Custom Framing in Lewisburg, PA to browse our hundreds of picture frames and mat options.


Custom Framing Options 

Whether you are looking for a simple, budget-friendly option or want something special to frame and preserve a valuable painting or heirloom, Sora Custom Framing in downtown Lewisburg, PA has many choices.  Our in-store framing professionals will help guide you through the process of selecting the perfect combination of materials.


Moulding is the industry term for the base material we use to construct your custom picture frame.  We carry a variety of metal mouldings, but the majority of our frames have solid wood for the underlying construction.  We avoid polystyrene frames so we can provide you with a high quality finished product.

We have hundreds of frame styles on display and can customize to suit any style or theme.  We have classic wood frames available in many finishes including oak, mahogany, walnut, ebony, cherry, and blonde.  We also carry a series of metallic wood finishes from simple to ornate in silvers, golds, pewters, and bronzes.  Looking for a special color?  Lacquered finish?  Distressed?  Gilded?  Want to match your school colors, or create a unique piece?  Whether you want something creative or traditional, we will help you select the perfect frame to compliment your special piece of art, memorabilia, or photography.


For a specialty piece, details matter.  We offer a variety of special elements like linen liners and fillets (also called slips).  Fillets are small pieces of moulding that can add a distinct touch - they are used inside the mat as an accent, or can create a more ornate frame by adding a layer of beadwork.


We only use acid-free mats and foam core in our custom framing.  Whether framing with a single mat or using multiple layered mats to create depth and a unique look, we have many varieties to explore:

  • Black Core mats

  • Solid Core mats

  • Paper

  • Colors

  • Linen

  • Suede

  • Satin

  • Metallic

  • Earth Tones

  • Designer Fabric


In addition to the variety of mat colors and materials, we specialize in custom mat cutting, a service that you may not find in other frame shops. Our custom mat cutting service can truly personalize your piece by creating decorative corners, a unique shape, or cutting out a symbol such as a sports logo or music note.

Custom cut  mat to create a unique shape
Custom cut mat with sports mascot cutout
Comparison of Conservation Clear Glass and Museum Glass


In custom picture framing stores, you will typically find a variety of glass options to choose from.  Each type of glass has different characteristics and features that can enhance the appearance and protection of your artwork or photograph.  Some of our glass options include:

Museum Glass

This is the 'ultimate' in picture frame glass, providing 99% UV blocking protection plus an anti-reflective quality that results in amazing viewing clarity of the finished piece

Conservation Glass with Reflection Control

A high-quality option, this glass also provides 99% UV blocking protection with a matte finish

Conservation Clear

Our most commonly selected glass, conservation clear provides 99% UV blocking protection

Reflection Control

Reflection Control glass offers a 45% UV blocking protection with a matte finish

Regular Clear

A standard economy glass option that does not provide UV protection


The time we need to complete a custom picture framing project depends on many factors.  Some framing projects are relatively simple and use stock mats and mouldings.  Others are more elaborate and may have lead times to special order materials and customize mats.  

If you need a project completed by a certain date, please contact us to discuss our current timeline.  If you have an immediate need - such as framing photographs for a funeral or memorial service - we invite you to call or stop by our shop in downtown Lewisburg so we can guide you through the process.


With so many options and variables, we custom quote each framing project.  The cost will be impacted by the type and size of the piece to be framed, along with the moulding, detail, mat, and glass selections. 


The best way to begin is to visit Sora Custom Framing & Gallery in downtown Lewisburg to peruse our selection of frames and speak with a knowledgeable framing professional.  You can also contact us by phone or email to begin the discussion.

Owner Lori Toll in front of a wall display of picture frame options
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